In ICMR our commitment is to provide high-quality care to patients in clinical studies.

We offer advanced treatments and seeking innovative solutions for their illnesses.

We have a team of certified dermatologists and specialized clinical research staff, who work with the primary goal of obtaining precise results and always maintaining patient focus and the best patient care.

Before deciding to participate in a study, our physicians will provide you with all the important information, including benefits and risks, so that you and your family can make an informed decision.

In our clinical trials, you will have access to new treatments before they become available to the general public, and you will receive ongoing care throughout the study, including medical evaluations, physical exams and laboratory tests.

All of our studies are completely voluntary and at no cost to you. During the study, you will be kept informed of any new information that arises from other study participants. We encourage you to ask questions and you will always have the option to withdraw at any time.

"In summary, our team is committed to providing high quality care to patients in clinical trials, providing advanced treatments and finding innovative solutions for diseases."

If you decide to participate in one of our studies, you will have access to new treatments, ongoing care and the opportunity to contribute to finding solutions for diseases that affect you.